The Parents Corner

Welcome to parenthood- a journey like no other, and one that reminds us of our own childhoods.

How were you parented as child? Do you want to parent the same way, or differently? What kind of experience do you want your child to have? Whatever your answers to these questions, one thing is certain: None of us is born knowing how to take care of babies and young children!

It’s important to let go of any embarrassment you might feel and ask questions about parenting. Ask for help when you need it, and let someone know when you feel frustrated, exhausted, or overwhelmed. Talk to family member or friends you trust. Talk to your child’s doctor, your childcare provider, or other supportive people in your life.

We know that

  • Your child’s brain develops fastest in the first 5 years of life
  • How you interact with your child affects the way their brain develops
  • Positive, loving interactions between you and your child support healthy social=emotional development
  • Healthy social-emotional development is the most important foundation your child needs to be ready for school

Social-emotional development is your child’s ability to

  • Experience, manage, and express positive and negative emotions. Your child is able to
    • Experience a range of emotions, such as anger, fear, sadness, joy, and pride
    • Talk about their feelings
    • Learn how to calm down with your help (baby or toddler)
    • Learn how to calm down on their own, even when all worked up (preschoolers)
  • Develop close, enjoyable relationships with other children and adults. Your child is able to
    • Attach to you or other students in his/her classroom.
    • Develop close relationships with other family members and friends as they get older
  • Actively explore the environment with curiosity and confidence. Your child can show interest in
    • You and other family members
    • Who they are as a person, their body, and their likes and dislikes
    • Objects and the environment around them.

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Anita Barran