"Although I heard about Phoenix Academy from a friend, the feedback did not do the school justice! I worked in childcare for several years as a Director, so I knew what to look for regarding faculty, children, curriculum and overall growth and development for the center as a whole. I am pleased at my child’s development and enthusiasm. There are days when she wants to stay in school! The staff displays a sense of joy about the work they do and they take pride in helping all the children. Communication is an important factor is working together and I always feel comfortable expressing my opinions."
Belinda M.
"I am so impressed with the quality of education provided to my child at Phoenix Academy. The teachers are amazingly patient, qualified, nurturing, and professional.I searched long and hard for a daycare that valued a quality education along with a secure and nurturing environment just as much I did. Besides the advance & outstanding curriculum, Phoenix Academy’s attention to details such as a balanced diet, great manners & hygiene, and the importance of the arts really impresses me. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Phoenix Academy for being the best daycare around, and for providing outstanding services to my daughter & family!”
Aamira Garba
Kindergarten Class
"I am honored to have my son in Phoenix Academy. Teachers are great and their philosophy is amazing! Phoenix Academy has positively shaped my son and it has tremendously increased his knowledge. He delights in learning and he is able to spell and read at high level. He enjoys being in school and he adores his teacher. He will cherish the lessons and experience for the rest of his life. I highly recommend this School for those still searching…Please STOP! Do not let your child/children miss this great experience."
Ogadinma Njoku
"My daughter now age four loves Phoenix Academy! I brought my daughter to Phoenix Academy August 2011. Over the past year, she has learned so much as well as grown into a beautiful, well-mannered little girl!! The center has shown my child how to “enjoy” learning, playing nicely with friends and develop a respect for adults and teachers. I am very pleased with the center. In fact, I recommended the center to two other families. One of the families recommended the center to another family. I think that speaks volumes on how pleased we are as parents. The staff is very professional and the love and attention shows thru out the center. Phoenix Academy is the BEST start you can offer your child!!!"
A. King
"My name is Nadine Chuma, Okimma’s mom. My experience with Phoenix Academy’s fabulous impact on my daughter is when her 5-year-old cousin asked my mother how to spell green and Okimma, at 3 and half years old, spelled it for her. Then her cousin asked how to spell other colors and Okimma was able to spell all of the colors that she desired to know. This morning I was a little teary eyed when a song from my CD was playing in the car and Okimma pointed out the violin. She was able to differentiate the instrument among the others being played and I’m grateful that Phoenix has given the opportunity for the children to learn an instrument at such a young age with Ms. Angela. I believe that all of the tools Okimma is learning now are undoubtedly going to prepare her for success in life."
Nadine Chuma