Our Philosophy

At Phoenix Preschool, we believe that with our skilled and patient teachers, the right tools, and age appropriate activities all of our children will have a head start on their academic career, and the tools to become successful adult.


Our Teachers are certified to teach at the appropriate grade level and all lead teachers are certified in the State Of New Jersey (K- 3rd grade).  In addition, all staff are required to participate in our Teacher Development Training (approx. 50-75 hour) each year. All this is done to ensure that our school and its instructors are always kept up-to-date on the changes of early education requirements and techniques. Furthermore, our staff members are all very carefully selected with an in depth background check by the State of New Jersey.

Respect and trust are essential elements to any relationship, and as such, our teachers are required to bring more than just their qualifications to our classrooms.  For example, they are required to be polite, speak kind and respectful to each student, staff member and parents, and they must present themselves appropriately at school, wearing the prescribed attire and speak in a manner that befits a teacher.


Our school day is a balance of Academic instructions based upon several proven curricula such as the SRA McGraw Hill and A Beka, HSP Math, experienced teachers, and a program that is both  “Teacher Directed” as well as “Child Directed” activities. Our curricula is structured with objectives based on age and developmental stages of each child. They are designed to meet the needs of all our students regardless of their abilities. Our program is even more effective when our parents partner with us in home work assignments and class room participation, giving our students the best opportunity.