Language Arts


Language for Learning is the oral language program that teaches children the language they need for achievement in the classroom. Studies have shown that children differ greatly in how fast they learn language ­due to the amount of everyday language experience the child has in the home and school. For children who lack this language experience, through language instruction is urgently needed to help them succeed in the classroom.

Why Do We Feel Comfortable With This Program?

-Carefully orchestrated lessons leave nothing to chance.

-Everything that is introduced is taught through demonstration, actions, or pictures.

-Everything that is taught is practiced in many contexts until students fully understand the concept and can express them clearly.

-Each concept is reviewed, often with small ideas, to ensure that students can find the difference between them

How Do Students Benefit From Language for Learning?

Students acquire a better understanding of what is spoken, written, and read in the classroom as they:

• Learn hundreds of basic language concepts and instructional words.
• Practice following and giving directions and answering questions.
• Use different sentence forms.
• Accumulate general information and knowledge of classroom workings.

Every Instructional activity presented is part of an overall sequence that leads to higher order thinking.