All teachers certified?

Yes, each classroom has a lead teacher who has a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. In addition, each lead teacher has work experience with his or her particular age group.

What security measures are taken to ensure safety?

Phoenix Preschool Quality Assurance requires that our school to have a written sign-in / sign-out log and password procedures. With a parent or guardian’s permission only, a child may be released to an alternate caregiver who presents valid photo identification.

How can I guarantee my child’s safety while I am at work?

The Phoenix Preschool director and staff are committed to the safety and security of the children and teachers in their schools and choose security systems that work best for their individual locations.

In addition to formal security, School Owners and Directors provide the most effective security, that of a personal nature. Visitors are required to present identification and register in Visitor Logs. Alternate caregivers, only those authorized in writing by children’s parents, must present photo identification.

Why is it important to have an owner/director on site?

Phoenix Preschool is an extension of your home and the director is often someone like you. Ms. Fultz has decided to pursue the opportunity of owning a small business to contribute to the community. She is hands-on and is available to the faculty as well as the children and their families every day. Phoenix Preschool also has the benefit of an Education Director, Ada Ruiz who is responsible for the curriculum and programming. This dual management system gives the Director the freedom to observe classrooms, mentor faculty and develop a healthy learning environment for your child.

May I visit my child during the day?

Absolutely! Feel free to join us at lunchtime, playtime, anytime. Phoenix Preschool has an open-door policy. There is no need to announce yourself prior to visiting.

Are meals included in the program?

Yes, included in your tuition are a healthy breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack in which we meet all the nutrition components set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture. You may view our menus online.

Will I be given a report of my child’s activities during the day?

You are always welcome to visit or call during the day.  Daily communication with parents and teachers is essential to any partnership, teachers reach out to parents each day. In addition, a daily activity report will go home with all children enrolled in the 2-½ year old class at dismissal.  The following information is communicated daily: Length of nap. Portion of lunch he/she ate.How well he/she is doing with potty training. A description of activities, friendships and a special moment.

Will my child be challenged academically; I want to guarantee he/she will be ready for elementary school?

Yes. At Phoenix Preschool, we believe the best academic preparation is to encourage a child’s enthusiasm for learning.

Is my child required to be potty trained before entering Phoenix Pre-School?

No, built in to our 2 ½ year old program is a potty training program. With the cooperation of parents our students are usually potty trained in two months.