A Beka Program

The A Beka Language Arts Program gives students the tools they need to write and speak clearly and effectively and to read with comprehension, appreciation, and discernment.


A Beka phonics teaches students the short sounds of the vowels and then how to blend these sounds with a consonant. In a short time, students are able to read the hundreds of one-syllable words, which have short vowel sounds. This allows students to feel a sense of accomplishment from the very beginning. Once they have mastered the simple words, they learn more sounds and longer words.

Phonics skills are applied in meaningful, character-building stories that correlate with the phonics concepts as they are learned.


• Increase ability to read with comprehension, appreciation, and discernment
• Teach students to decode the written language easily


The A Beka Reading Program features fascinating stories that spark interest while building students’ character, comprehension skills, and understanding. The result is a highly motivated, confident student who is delighted to read.


Encourage the use of language to edify

• Teach study skills
• Teach essential research skills

Teach students to think with a proper worldview

• Sharpen thinking skills
• Refine listening skills