As our three-year-old students gain more self-esteem, they may feel ready to take on the world. Our well-rounded program fosters that confidence by providing activities to help children become problem solvers and lifelong learners. Through independent exploration, structured activities, and hands-on learning, children will work on early literacy, math, science, and social studies concepts. A healthy doses of running, jumping, and dancing keeps them active, too.

Language Arts

• Recognition and identification of A – Z In/Out of order.
• Recognition of upper and lower case letters
• Sounding out each letter and sounds.
• Associating pictures and objects of each letter.
• Recognition and identification of consonants, short and long vowels.
• Tracing/Writing of Alphabet Aa – Zz
• Tracing/Writing and identifying first and last names
• Tracing/Writing two-three letter words.


• Counting 1 to 75.
• Counting forward and backward by ones.
• Identifying the numbers that come before and after a given number.
• Identifying missing numbers by ones.
• Writing numbers 1 to 75.
• Count with understanding and recognize how many in sets of objects.
• Sort, classify and order objects by size, number, and other properties.
• Recognizing and identifying geometric shapes.
• Pattern – identifying right, left, top and bottom.


September to October -Growing tall and eating healthy- Autumn / Fall

• November -Things in the sky
• December to January- winter wonderland: what happens in winter, how is winter different from other seasons.
• February to March – Students differentiate spring from other seasons.
• April to May – Caring for the earth
• June- Review the last six months of activities.

Note: Please work at the level of individual student.

Our program is always open for your child’s imaginary, which includes, playing along with their teachers utilizing colorful blocks and puzzles. Students also get to unleash their creativities thru art and story telling.

Social Studies

September to October- Safety Rules

• November to December- My Community
• January to February- African American Hero’s (Black History)-Dr. Seuss
• March to April- My Home• May to June- Review

Your toddler practices hand washing, putting on a coat, use of a fork or spoon when eating, picking up toys and sharing with friends; all in a safe and nurturing childcare setting.

Computer Skills Development

Computers are an everyday component of our classrooms, allowing your child to practice and expand new skills. Each class is equipped with 5 lap-tops making it easy for students to access our equipment

Public Speaking

Students will be assigned a current affairs project which can be done by writing or drawing a current story of their choice. Students will present their projects in front of the class.

This is a Weekly Assignment

• Reading assignments: Students will be required to participate with books of their choice. Students will also be required to discuss what they have read with the class through the use of pictures.
• Develop listening skills and proper manners
• Proper Grammar while speaking Included in our students daily activities are centers for both student and teacher directed activities.

In each classroom centers are developed giving our pre-K students an opportunities for developing self-confidence and practice decision-making, resolve conflicts, work as a team, and work individually.


  • Foster the child’s language skills
  • Help children learn about books and print
  • To provide children enjoyable experiences with good literature, informational stories, and poetry.
  • To introduce the alphabet.
  • To help children hear and work with individual sounds in spoken language.
  • To provide basic introduction to how the sounds of language work together.