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Suggested Summer Books


Suggested Summer Reading Books:


  1. After The Falls ( How Humpty Dumpty got back again) by Dan Santat
  2. Can I be your dog by Troy Cummings
  3. Cycle City by Allison Farrell
  4. Dont Blink by Any Krouse Rosenthal
  5. Dont Eat that by Drew Sheneman
  6. Friends Stick Together by Hannah E. Harrison
  7. How to be a Big Kid by DK
  8. I really want to See you, Grandma by Tara Gomi


Wordless Pictures books


1.Clowne by Quentin Blake

  1. Rainy Day Dream by Michael Chesworth
  2. The Midnight Circus and The Angel and The Soldier Boy by Peter Collington
  3. Pancakes for Breakfast and The Hunter and The Animals by Tommie de Paola
  4. Good Day Carl and Carl goes to daycare by Alexandra Day
  5. Rosies Walk and Changes, Changes by Pat Hutchins
  6. Frog, Where are You? Frog Goes to Dinner ,and Ah-Chooby Mercer Mayer
  7. Moonlight and Sunshine by Jan Omerod
  8. Time Flies by Eric Rohman
  9. Dreams, Noahs Ark and Peter Spiers Rain by Peter Spier
  10. Deep in the Forest by Brinton Turkle



Alphabet Books

1, The Alphabet / El Alphabeta by Gladys Rosa Mendoza

  1. ABC for You and Me by Meg Girnis
  2. ABC T-REX by Bernard Mast
  3. Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming
  4. Chika Chika ABC by Bill Martin, Lois Ehlert ( illustrator)
  5. Eating The Alphabet by Lois Ehlert
  6. Flora Mcdonnells ABC by Flora McDonnell
  7. Into the A ,B, Sea: An Ocean Alphabet by Deborah Lee Rose
  8. Miss Spiders ABC by David Kirk




STEAM ACTIVITIES suggested for Summer:

  1. Make a Magnifying Glass out of a Clean Water Bottle
  2. Ice Painting
  3. Rain Gutter River ( Running Water Play)
  4. Ice Sculptures ( Melting Ice Experiment)
  5. Caterpillar To Butterfly Science Activity with Balloons




You can email our class at phoenixtoddler@gmail.com for any questions and information you would like to share.